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Statistical Report on International Assistance - Fiscal Year 2010-2011

The Statistical Report on International Assistance is produced each fiscal year by CIDA as part of the Government of Canada's commitment to financial transparency. The report presents a detailed breakdown of Canada's international assistance, including official development assistance and other official assistance provided by CIDA, other federal government departments, and other levels of government by country, channel, recipient, sector, and target organization. It reports on disbursements for fiscal year 2010-2011, with some tables providing as much as three years of data.

Statistical Report on International Assistance — Fiscal Year 2010-2011

Scope of this report

The Statistical Report meets and exceeds the reporting requirements set out in the Official Development Assistance Accountability Act. It provides a single source for Canadian international assistance expenditure statistics, including not only "official development assistance" but also "other official assistance" from all government departments. Disbursements reported as "official development assistance" are clearly identified throughout the report.


The first section of the report presents an overview and some of the highlights of the detailed statistical report. While the charts shown in the highlights provide a snapshot view of Canada's international assistance spending and are more suitable to a general audience, the statistical report is broken down into eight tables and is more technical in nature.

Open Data

On March 17, 2011, the Government of Canada launched an Open Data portal for all Canadians. As part of that effort, statistical data and other information on Canada's international assistance and CIDA's activities are now available in data sets and machine-readable formats for all Canadians: researchers, students, media or anyone interested in international assistance."

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Errata - This is a listing of the corrections made to the Statistical Report on International Assistance subsequent to its printing, if any.

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