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Understanding the criteria of the Official Development Assistance Accountability Act:

Governance encompasses the values, rules, institutions, and processes through which people and organizations attempt to work towards common objectives, make decisions, generate authority and legitimacy, and exercise power.

The recent trend towards democracy, a critical element in good governance, has affected nearly every nation on earth. Over the past two decades, more than 81 countries have made significant gains in democratization and are now working to establish stable and effective institutions, improve public sector management, reform their legal and judicial systems, protect human rights, strengthen local civil society, and carry out peacebuilding after armed conflict.

Despite this progress, conflict, corruption, lack of respect for human rights (especially for women), and inadequate public services continue to challenge many countries.

There is a consensus in the international community that the Millennium Development Goals cannot be reached without good governance which Canada has identified as a crosscutting theme in Canada's development cooperation program.

CIDA supports its partner countries' efforts to build the conditions for secure, equitable development by promoting good governance. CIDA's assistance focuses on: